Finished Southern Tier from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida

imageSo John and I have been talking about our next bicycle adventure. We are thinking that in 2 years we will do this trip on the map. We will hit all lower 48 States beginning in Vermont and ending in Jefferson, Oregon. It will be 7,000 miles long, actually 6,820, but we will round it off to 7,000. We will bike for 100 days and have 20 rest days, averaging 70 miles per ride day. We won’t have a support team or vehicle like this trip so we will have to have all our gear on our bikes. I will be just a month away from 70 years old when we finish this trip. The next 2 years of planning the route will be fun because there is no established route like the one we just finished. We finished our “Southern Tier Across the Nation” trip today. Just 25 miles short of 3,000 miles. We went through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississsippi, Alabama, and Florida. We saw so much, and experienced so much on this trip. You can see the country very well at 12 miles an hour. I lost 17 pounds, not as much as I wanted, but with the wives coming along on this trip I ate a lot!! I had no flat tires, not one. We celebrated tonight at a nice Resturant and I had a big plate of Oysters! We will hang out tomorrow at this camp ground we are in, and then Monday we will drive to Jacksonville. We will stay overnight in a motel and then Tuesday will get on an airplane for home. Hallelujah!! We finished, now on to a bigger challenge.

3 thoughts on “Finished Southern Tier from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida

  1. Mari Rudd

    Congratulations from Mari and Terry, the Portland cyclists you met in March in New Mexico! We’ve been thinking of you and sending you good thoughts and prayers. It’s been fun to think of you all still on the road and adventure–fabulous. I expect Terry and I will bike to Jefferson and show up at your church sometime; looking forward to having our paths cross again. You rock! Mari



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