imageI like traveling across the USA on a bicycle. I like to fish, in fact I really like to fish. I like to hunt, and I am looking forward to going on a moose hunting trip this Fall with my son in law who lives in Alaska. My favorite thing to do though is teach the Bible. I think the reason is that God made me for that purpose so there is a great sense of fulfillment when I study and teach God’s Word. I am looking forward to being home and teaching this coming weekend at JBC at all three services. I am starting a new series of sermons this weekend on 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. This is a super cool book that talks about how to love, how to have great joy in spite of life, how to be full of hope for the future, how to be strong, and a number of other topics that apply to every person. I just love working at making the Bible understandable to every person. If you don’t have a church home why not visit JBC this weekend. You will be blessed by the power of God’s Word.

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