Very nice day

imageThis is an “Elevation Profile” of the section of roads that we bicycled today. It is probably hard to see but each of the little bumps is a hill or what we call a roller. Some are very steep and others a little less so. On an average they are 2 or 3 hundred yards from the lowest point, the gully as it were, to the top or crest. I think today was my favorite day of the trip. It wasn’t particularly easy, 76 miles of rollers. We ride up for several hundred yards and then down. When we are going down we are shifting fast and peddling hard to get our speed up to about 25 mph, depending on the length of the descent, then we hit bottom and start up peddling hard and shifting back down keeping our speed up as long as we can. By the time we reach the top we are usually in 1/1, that is the smallest of the three sprockets in the front and the biggest of the 9 sprockets in the back, the lowest gear on the bike, then we start down again and shift fast through the gears and are quickly in 3/9, the biggest sprocket in the front and the smallest in the back, the highest gear on the bike. Over and over we did this like a big long roller coaster. By John’s count we had 82 rollers today. There was a lot of flat riding as well and the scenery was super. It was sunny but not to hot. The roads we traveled were back roads with very little traffic. With all that hard, fast peddling up and down hills my legs feel like rubber tonight. The “Route Elevation Profile” looks pretty much the same for tomorrow so I am hoping a good nights sleep will get me ready for another fun day on the roller coaster ride.

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