imageWe took Saturday and Sunday off from riding as rest days at an RV park in Ingram, Texas by the Guadalupe River.  The lady in the office said I could borrow her fishing rod and the ladies bought me some hooks, split shot, bobber, leader, and worms at WalMart and I relaxed away quite a few hours sitting on this rock catching blue gills, all of which I released. I didn’t bother with sun screen because I thought I would only be an hour and I forgot my hat so I sun burned the top of my head pretty good. I keep forgetting how little hair I have up there.😀 We walked to a church this morning that was just 4 years old that had bought a beer warehouse and remodeled it for a worship center. It was a great service. It was great to see a new church as healthy as it appeared. I had a hard time because I can’t hardly figure out what people are saying with that thick Texas  drawl. I smile and nod my head during most of the conversations hoping that it is appropriate to what the other person is saying. We are back on the road in the morning planning on about 85 miles. We will be just north of San Antonio headed for Austin. The terrain is becoming much greener and less arid than it has been since the start of the trip. We are seeing less and less cactus. We have had only a little rain in the middle of the night on a couple of occasions, but the chance of rain is increasing as we head East. If we get some heavy thunderstorms we will take an unscheduled rest day and wait it out. Hopefully that won’t happen. We are over half done with the trip and I still have not had a flat. Some have suggested that it is because I am drafting behind John and he has had 9 flats and he is picking up the wire before I hit it, but I never ride directly behind him because I like to see what is up ahead so I ride 6 to 12 inches to one side of him.  We will see how long the streak lasts.

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  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee- so glad you got to fish. Too bad she didn’t have a fly rod that you could have borrowed. Continue to be safe on the road and remember that “doing your part” is putting on sunscreen! Blessings!



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