Prayer Summit

February 1989 was the first “Prayer Summit” that I went to, in fact was the first one ever held any place. Since that first one I have not missed any of the 27 since then. It almost always is the first full week in February at Cannon Beach, and I get it on the calander a year early. When I went to the first one I was at a very low place in my life and ministry. I had been pastoring for 13 years at JBC and was sure I had made a mistake ever leaving the farm. I had located two different dairies that I could get a job at and had made up my mind that I was quiting ministry and going back to the only thing I had ever really succeeded at. While at that first Prayer Summit God touched my life in a very real way, and I recommitted my life to ministry and told God that I would stay at Jefferson until I died. That was 27 years ago and I am still committed to pastoring at JBC until I die or get to senile to do it well. Every year when I go back to the Summit I get revived, and am excited for the next year to unfold. I leave in the morning for the 28th Prayer Summit, and I am looking forward to a great time of personal renewal. When I leave the Summit on Thursday I will be a man on a mission, full of passion and desire.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Summit

    1. benhickenlooper

      I think God is answering your prayers. There is a lot of corporate hunger and want this year here at the Cannon Beach prayer summit. Last night Dee shared his testimony and was used powerfully.



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