Work Hard

One of my conclusions after raising 8 kids and having grandkids around all the time and seeing lots of kids in church is that every person is born lazy. If I would think, study, and read about what is the most predominate tendencies of our flesh I think I would say laziness. I believe Solomn came to that same conclusion as he writes the book of Proverbs to his son on how to live successfully and repeatedly encourages diligence and warns against being a sloth. As almost all character does diligence starts in our mind with right thinking. Growing up on a dairy farm I was blessed with a Dad who taught us kids how to work hard and more importantly,to enjoy working hard. Now, I have some self-talk rituals that I constantly use to keep the joy of working hard strong in my life. Each morning as I write my to-do list for the day I ask God for guidance, strength, and motivation and thank Him for giving me significant things to do with my life and not putting me on the bench. In the evening before going to sleep I again thank the Lord for the day and what I was able to accomplish for Him and then I ask Him if He would give me a little bit more to do tomorrow than I had today. In the evening I usually pray a short prayer before closing my eyes, “Lord, I want to be able to say what You did just before You were crucified when You declared that You had accomplished all the work the Father had given to You to do”. There is only one thing more enjoyable than working really hard all day long and that is Fishing. When I had been pastoring for just a couple of years I went to an event in Portland for Pastors and their wives where Chuck Swindoll was speaking. He said that the greatest occupational hazard for pastors was sloth. He listed half a dozen reasons why none of which I remember, but I do remember making a commitment to the Lord that I would work as hard as a pastor as I did as a dairy farmer. Proverbs 23:7, In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

1 thought on “Work Hard

  1. benhickenlooper

    reminds me of another proverb: “Like billowing clouds that produce no rain is the person who talks big, but never produces.” and the old saying, The best fertilizer is the farmer’s shadow. Every-day diligence and faithfulness is needed, because the crop or herd can get ruined in just one day of neglect. You have to check.



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