Be a Witness

Well, I have 12 personal purpose statements and this is the last one. It is #11 on the list but I started with #12 and moved to #1. “Be a Witness” is not a pastor thing for me, it is a personal responsibility given to me as an adopted child of God. Every Christian who has been given the free gift of eternal life with God has been given this responsibility. Most believers are very irresponsible when it comes to being faithful to this calling given to us by Jesus. I want to be faithful and responsible to God, but I don’t want to be obnoxious and offensive to people so I have come up with a personal stategy to be an effective witness of the gospel. The first part of my plan is to identify people in my life who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, put their name in my prayer journal and pray for them every day. This doesn’t take more than 5 minutes each day to do and I believe it moves God to work in their life and in mine. In their life God convicts, draws, frees from demonic blindness and controls, and enlightens. In my life He gives wisdom, boldness, and opportunities. The next part of my plan is to look for opportunities to hang out and visit a bit with them to get to know them and then if possible to do something social with them that is fun such as a meal together, cards, golf, bowling, fishing or whatever works. During these hang out, chit chat times I listen for a need that they share about that I could do something about. It can be as simple as loaning a tool to or helping with a project. The next step is very powerful, I listen for a need, worry, or trial that I can offer to pray for. I will pray out loud with them putting my hand on their shoulder if it seems like they would be comfortable with that. I put the need in my prayer journal and pray for it faithfully every day. Another key part of my plan Is to identify with Christ, my church, the Bible as often as I can in a natural, gracious way that is not preachy, just telling my personal story. At some point I will invite them to church, give them a CD of a Billy Graham presentation, give them a book or whatever seems appropriate. When it seems like the time is right I share the gospel and ask them if they would like to be part of Gods family.

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