Be Wise

The basic message of the book of Proverbs in the Bible is that if you seek for wisdom like silver, or gold, or precious treasure than you will get it. One of the things my Dad used to say often was ” just because you get older doesn’t mean you are necessarily wiser, there are a lot of old fools.” We must seek wisdom diligently, constantly or we will wake up some day and realize that we are an old fool. Wisdom is knowing what to say and what to do in any situation that we find ourselves in. As a pastor who counsels others often I want to have wisdom, as a Dad and grandfather and husband I always want to do and say the right thing. The most important source of wisdom for me over the years is counsel from others. Shortly after the first of our eight kids was born we would meet weekly with a Dad of 12 kids who were the best behaved and smartest most talented kids I had ever seen. When I started pastoring I was so dumb but I knew some very wise and experienced pastors who were willing to meet with me at least monthly and let me ask lots of questions. I have an ongoing goal of reading 100 pages in good books each week to learn and to acquire knowledge, and wisdom. I also listen to good preachers each week. With smart phones and pod casts this is so easy and convient. I ride my stationary bike an hour each day and I read while I ride and listen to the best preachers in the world. It is easy to acquire wisdom and then forget it so I do a lot of writing attempting to put into words on paper what I have learned. Thinking through situations and what I should have said or done and writing it down is a great way to write your own book of Proverbs for life. Psalms 119:97-100 says that reading the Bible will give me more wisdom than the aged or my teachers or even than my enemies. And James 1 promises that If I ask God He will give me wisdom. He won’t give to those who are naive or lazy but God does give wisdom to those who seek it diligently as if their life depends on it.

2 thoughts on “Be Wise

  1. Sara Fesler

    Dee it is awesome finding this as part of the morning Facebook scroll. It is a perfect place to have it. Thanks so much. We are so thankful/grateful for your teaching. God repeatedly uses you to bring wisdom our direction. Merry Christmas too.



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