Raise Champions

When I see a young person who is well mannered, pleasant, smiles at people, talks to people in a way that shows that they are obviously concerned about them, asking good questions, takes initiative when in a group to introduce themselves, makes a point to target older people to honor them, doesn’t talk critical about others, and has an obvious poise and confidence in who they are but not obnoxious or haughty, I think to myself, they have been well parented. Patty and I had eight kids and one of the major purposes of our life was to raise champions. They are all adults now, seven married with their own kids, and when I am around them I enjoy watching and listening as they interact with others. I don’t think anything gives me more joy at this stage in my life then seeing the character that they all have that makes them a very positive influencer of those around them. We have 22 grandchildren and though it is different I still try to think how I can be an influencer in their life so that they are champions. The most important thing I have done and continue on a daily basis is pray. I believe that God gives great authority to parents and grandparents with Him when they intercede for them faithfully, specifically, and diligently. The second thing that I can do is be a good model when around them of godly character. As I get older I have found that I have a strong inclination to be withdrawn and uninvolved, to grumble and be grouchy, and to just figure my job is done. As I regularly and often review this purpose of my life it prompts me to be proactive as a Dad, father in law, and grandfather and to choose how to act when around my family. A third thing that I work hard at is to praise them for who they are and what they do. A forth way to influence is to give counsel for living when there is an opportunity and it is approiate without lecturing. The last part of that is difficult and I find myself repenting often of it as I review the day. The last is to help whenever I can by meeting needs financially or by doing things that help with needs or problems. Being a Dad, Father-in-law, and Grandfather is a high calling from God, and I want to do it well.

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