I enjoy going to church very much. The most enjoyable part is while we are singing and worshiping God. I work hard at not letting my mind wander and very proactively singing to the Lord as an expression of my love for Him. As we sing together I get a very real sense of God’s presence and pleasure. It is a very spiritually renewing experience for me that I look forward to each week. My second most enjoyable part is chatting with many different people before and after the service. Some of those I visit with I have not met before so I ask some key questions to help me get to know them and to remember their name. After our conversation is over I write their name on my hand with my pen and look at it a number of times before I write it in my prayer journal. I enjoy very much as well visiting with good friends many whom I have not seen since the last time they were in church. During the sermon it isn’t what I would call enjoyable but it is very rewarding to teach the principles in the Bible that I am strongly convinced if people believed and lived them they would be very happy and fulfilled. Now as I sit here thinking about all three services I like to mentally enjoy the memories of the weekend all over again, and then start planning for next week.

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