Learn something new every year

One of the guide lines in my goal setting each year is to learn something new. This is not academic learning but skill learning. Last year the goal was to learn all about aquaponics and to build an aquaponics greenhouse. I bought 6 books on aquaponics, read a bunch on line information, and even watched a 6 hour simulcast on aquaponics. I then built my system and it is going great. This year I wanted to learn all about recumbent trikes and then build one. Finished that project and now I am riding my recumbent trike and am going to ride it to Florida in March and April. I also made a goal to learn Oxy/acetylene welding using a Cobra 2000 welder. I bought the welder and have started fooling around with it, and next year I am going to build a three wheeled car with it. I am also going to take voice lessons and form a male quartet and sing in church. The service that I sing in will probably be a packed housešŸ˜€Learning keeps boredom out of my life and keeps the energy and enthusisam and passion up. We almost all have an infinite capacity for learning and the more new stuff we learn the more we will grow and the more we can help others to grow.

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