I was sitting in prayer tonight and recognized that at the end of two days in our “Five Days of Prayer” that if attendance continued the same for the next three days that this would be our lowest attended prayer event. That realization made me very sad. Prayer is what we have been about for 15 years, and now it seemed to be waning terribly. As I sat thinking about it I knew that it was my fault. As I have told literally hundreds of Pastors over the years “everything rises and falls on leadership”. If you start promoting a prayer event a week before it starts don’t be surprised by low attendance, and that is exactly what I did. The devil fights against prayer more than anything a church does, because he has no defense against it, and if there is mediocre leadership he will win. My quote in my seminar on prayer for years has been “if you take a boiling pot of water off of the heat it will stop boiling almost immediately, and if the senior pastor quits pushing prayer it will stop almost immediately.” Funny how I can preach things for years and fail to practice them. Everybody gets tired, and I have gotten tired and allowed myself to get a bit lazy in regards to my responsibility. Our next “Five Days of Prayer” is the first week in December in preparation for our Christmas outreach event. That is two months away, and I am starting this next week to teach, encourage, promote, nag, advertise, about that event and the importance of a church praying so as to experience Gods blessing. It is the only way.

2 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Sharon Pryor

    If it’s all about good leadership, the disciples wouldn’t have been sleeping the night Jesus was betrayed! There is a spirit of lethargy over the land, but MORE POWER TO YOU as you fight through for your people!


  2. jedbreeden2014

    Wish I could come! Praying at home, but can’t stay up until ten (which would end up being ten-thirty by the time I got home) and school starts before ten in the morning. Praying at home, though!



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