Everybody believes in prayer but very few really pray. Interesting how real, heart felt, focused believing prayer is so very rare when almost everyone would say the promise, “I will pray for you”, and never even think about doing it. Real prayer is when you spend time with God while doing nothing else. God is all holy, all powerful, infinitely powerful and yet we will dishonor Him by claiming to spend time with Him while we are cooking, hoeing the garden, driving etc. I wouldn’t even do that with my wife and not be in trouble. God deserves our undivided attention, but very few have a devoted time when they talk to God for a length of time that signifies value and importance while doing nothing else. I spend an hour with God almost each evening just praying and interceding with great intensity for people. We started today on our “Five Days of Prayer”. I push this big time in our church, but attendance is small. I have quite pushing it to the point that I get people coming reluctantly. Our faith is no other place more accurately determined than by our prayer life.

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