I write my goals for the next year in October because my birthday is in October, but mostly because the teaching I do on Leadership starts now and I like to have my goals done to give to all those in my classes as a model of what goals look like. I will be 67 in a couple of weeks so I have 67 goals. My really big goal for the year is to pedal from San Diago, Californis to St Augustine, Florida on my newly home built Recumbent Trike. There will be 5 of us on bikes and a couple of wives coming along in a car so it will be easier than last year when we had everything on our bikes in Panniers. We will be going in March and April and will pedal about 70 miles each day. I think the most important goal of the 67 is to pray for every person in our church, Jefferson Baptist by name each week. I have an IPad with names, pictures, needs, problems and I keep it updated as I hear and learn of needs, challenges, trials, and victories in each persons life. It takes a fair amount of time each week to get through everyone, and I am often tempted to skip, scale back and even quit because I often feel like nothing is happening because of the time I spend each week praying. It gets boring, and tedious praying for the same people week after week. But I keep at it asking God to give me endurance and faith and He does. Of all the things that I do I truly believe that the greatest fruit of my life as I stand before Jesus at the Judgment Seat of Christ and all I have done is brought to light will be the prayers that I have prayed to God interceding for people.

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