I will do it tomorrow

I am feeling as good tonight as I have felt in a long time. The reason is because I rode my stationary bike for 90 minutes yesterday while I watched Thursday night football and then lifted weights for 30 minutes. For the last two weeks I have felt terrible as my Parkinson’s really was getting the best of me with extreme stiffness and muscle pain. I got so busy with church stuff and getting ready for hunting and then the trip that I really dropped off on my exercise. No big deal I thought. The result was misery. Tonight as I sit in my recliner writing this I am thinking I can skip exercising tonight because I feel so good. But the consequence will be back to misery. It is funny how our memories are so short and our inderstanding of cause and effect is so short sighted. The consequences in our lives of this behavior in the spiritual realm is even more extreme, but so many just don’t seem to get it. You give God time by reading His Word and talking to Him in prayer every day and He will bless your life. Read Psalms 1:2-3, Joshua 1:8, and Psalms 5:11-12 to name just a few. But when He blesses we forget Him and get busy and no longer do those things that brought the blessing. Strange how we are. Well I need to go now and ride my bike and then lift some weights, and I will be sure to read my Bible, and pray for all those on my prayer list.

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