God blesses the humble

This year on our hunting trip to the Steens there were lots of elk and they were in full rut which means the Bulls were bugling a lot and responding to the bugles of the hunters who were trying to locate them and also to call them in range of a bow shot. I went out hunting with my son-in-law Kyle who is a Youth Pastor in Washington. We decided to walk into the area that the others in our group were seeing and hearing lots of elk. I told Kyle that I didn’t bring a bugle on the trip because I didn’t realize there were going to be so many elk. I told him that in years past I had done lots of bugling and was quite good at it and had called in a lot of bulls and had shot one with my bow after calling him in within 30 yards. He responded by saying he had a diaphragm/reed bull call and Asked if I knew how to use that type of call. They go in the very back of your mouth to the point that they make you gag and sound very realistic when used by someone who knows how to use them. I responded by saying something along the line that I was one of the best there was. He handed me his and I put it in my mouth and started trying to sound like an elk. The best I could do was a sound like a dog who got hit by a car gradually working up to a rabbit that was getting his ears pulled by a mean little kid. Kyle said, “I think you have it in your mouth upside down”. I responded with, “Oh Yea, now I remember”. I turned it around and actually got a pretty good sound after that. Good son-in-law, he didn’t tell anyone when we got back to camp.

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