Monthly Archives: August 2015

Jumping out of an airplane

A group of us drove to Molalla this morning to go sky diving but the smoke was so thick that we got postponed to a later date. I got all excited and ramped up on adrenaline and then nothing. It is always interesting to me how much our thinking influences our physical body, especially our hormones. Thinking about jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 feet elevated my heart rate to about 90 beats a minute. One of my newest disciplines that I have become very devoted to is memorizing and meditating on scripture. It is amazing how much I can influence and even control my thinking and ultimately my entire body by choosing to meditate on Bible verses that I have memorized well. The App for my IPad and my iPhone “Scripture Typer” has been an fantastic tool to memorize over 400 Bible verses in the last 8 months. God’s Word is living and active and sharper than a sword and it is very effective in controlling my thinking as I choose to pull one up and mentally review it, think about it and apply it mentally to my life. I need to find a verse to meditate on as I fall to the ground at 100 mph hoping that the chute opens.

My new recumbent trike

I have been working on building a recumbent trike. I cut up my touring bike I road to Portland, Maine and bought several more bikes on Craig’s list, found some really good plans on line and built a nice recumbent trike. It has over 60 speeds and a very comfortable seat built by my son in law who has a business of making interiors for airplanes especially seats. I took it on its maiden voyage today. It had a few glitches to fix, but I think it is going to be a very nice ride for an old guy. I am going with several people from our church in March on another cross country trip to St Augustine, Florida. The trip that we did last year I had major discomfort problems with my rear end. With this new bike and the fine seat that will not be an issue. I also had major neck problems and again with this bike I am sitting up like in my recliner so I will be very comfortable. I am going to spend a $100 and get it powder coated so it will be nice and pretty. My son in law is also making me a head rest for it so I can pull off the side of the road put a budgie cord around the brake handle and take a nap. I need to do some two day trips around here to make sure everything is built to last and to get my legs in shape. This recumbent seems to take more leg muscle than a regular bike. I enjoyed very much doing the research and deciding what style, options, etc I would build into the bike, and then building it. It is very nice. I think because God created everything, that being created in his image there is in us this desire to create things. Lots of fun.

Saga of the Elevator continues

JBC’s contract with the company putting in the elevator in our new Discipleship Center said that it would be finished by July 1st. That obviously didn’t happen. About a week ago after numerous phone calls, and emails we got the message that the elevator would be delivered today and finished with installation by the end of the day on Sunday. Finally, but we were all skeptical that it would actually show up today. Yes, there it was bright and early, and all unloaded and all the parts inside the building before 9 am. But the dudes who brought it and unloaded it were measuring stuff and looking a bit serious. I walked over and said, “great to see you guys! When do you start hooking up all these cool looking parts?” Their response was, “We have a problem, the part that makes things go up and down is a foot and a half to long”. My response, “Well, cut it off”! Their response, “Doesn’t work that way, we have to get the right part”. Me, “How long will that take? Them, “We will get back to you on Monday”! That does not sound like it is a couple day delay!!! Personal principles and guide lines in a situation like this which can be described as a terribly frustrating situation where I have zero control. First- Communicate clearly what I would like to happen and duplicate it in writing. Second- Communicate with grace and patience recognizing that anger, irritation, and tough stances don’t increase the probability of a timely finish. Third- communicate to the Lord that I trust Him totally and that I believe He can change and fix anything. Forth- ask God for wisdom and patience to be a good ambassador for the gospel and for the name of Christ by my behavior and my words. Fifth- make a daily commitment until saga is over not to complain, slander, or spend any time fussing about this new dilemma. I like challenges and competition, I think I will win this contest with the devil.

My Mom

Drove up to Trout Lake this morning with Patty and daughter Sherri to see my Mom. Her birthday was Sunday so we took her out to lunch and spent a little time with her. It takes almost 3 hours to drive up there and 3 hours back so it was about 10 pm when we made it home. I knew it would shoot a day so I wasn’t real crazy about going but once we got up there and chatting with Mom I was so glad we made the time and I am very committed to doing it again within the next month. Mom watches several good preachers on Television who have been teaching on the return of Christ so we had a nice conversation on that topic. The soon return of Jesus is a favorite of old people who are ready for Jesus to come now! I won’t know the full extent of my Mom’s influence in my life until I get to heaven, but I am sure it is big. I love my Mom and really do enjoy her company and the time spent with her like today, but sometimes when I get super busy and drag my feet about taking the time to come see her, I need to use the “duty card” to motivate myself to do the right thing. I owe her so much and it is my responsibility and duty to give back to her a bit of what she has given to me. Once the “duty card” has me in the car and on the road it is easy then to be motivated by my love for her and the joy I recieve spending time with her. Self motivation is a skill and almost an art. Very few are very good at consistently motivating themselves to be faithful and responsible and highly productive as a servant of Jesus most of the time. The key for me is understanding myself and the part that different ways of motivating myself have. It is like a master builder with a toolbox full of tools and knowing how to use each one to get the job done.

Silver Falls

Went to Silver Creek Falls State Park with kids and grandkids today. I sat in a lawn chair and ate and drank pop and watched the grandkids play in the creek. They had a great time and so did I. Because I have studied, thought about and written so much about managing energy well, not just using it well but becoming an expert on refueling my emotional energy gas tank. I have ranked various activities that are effective at refueling and renewing me so that my inner fire stays hot, and I think that a day like today ranks right up there at the top. I was feeling anxious about several possible problems coming up, but they never entered my head today and tonight when I chose to think about it trying to find a solution it came to me quickly. A rested mind and soul thinks so much clearer than a tired one.

Tim Tebow

I am a Tim Tebow fan. He played today for the Pholadelphia Eagles and did relatively well. I am a fan because he is a Christian, but there are lots of NFL players who are Christians that I am not a fan of. I am a fan because Tim Tebow is so unashamedly a Christian and because he is not an embarrassment to the name Chriatian by the way he lives his life. He treats people with respect and honor. He never says anything critical of another person. He is the ultimate example of devotion to hard work and passion. He is happy whatever the outcome. He is a great leader and influences people for good. He invests his life helping others who are in need. I pray for Tim Tebow and ask God to bless him because he is such a great testimony for Him. If he were to become the starting quarterback for the Eagles and they won the Super Bowl he would give God all the credit and Glory. There are not many people with the kind of character that Tim Tebow has.

Busy busy

Wow, all of a sudden my life has gotten super full. I am getting a hundred new baby Tilapia to put in my tank in my aquaponics system on Monday and I have to upgrade and fix a number of things so the fish do well. I am going archery hunting in the Steens mountains with my son in laws and my two boys in September so I need to practice every day with my bow so I can hit something. I am building a Trike Recumbent bike to ride with the goal of riding it to St Augustine, Florida in March so I need to get it done so I can ride it enough before we go to know with certainty that it will make it there. We are finishing our new building at the church and I need to do a bunch of stuff related to that so we can get our final inspection and use it in September. I have the regular church responsibilities and getting a super good sermon written out each week. I need to get the transmission that I bought for my 1949 Ford pickup installed and get that baby back on the road. Patty said I need to drive up to Trout Lake to see my Mom this week. Monday is a grandkids birthday day and they want to take my pontoon boat up to Detroit reservoir all day Monday for a bunch of the grandkids to play on and I am the only one with an operators license so zi have to go. What do I do first? I like super busy. It keeps me motivated to stay faithful and to work fast and hard. In the midst of all the things to do is my highest priority of seeking God by reading the Bible, praying, and pursuing my spiritual disciplines every day. I start everyday with a “to do” list, my goals for the day and I love it when I get them all done. Feels so good. Oh yeh, and I have to get this blog written each day.