Wheels for Thomas

The van that Thomas and Sherri have has a ramp that goes out when the side door opens and Thomas can go in and out with his wheel chair. He has regained enough use of his arms and hands that he could drive the van if it were equipped with hand controls, but the van is to old to qualify for hand controls by the insurance. So they need to buy a relatively new van and then Workers Comp will pay for the conversions that need to be made with ramp and hand controls. Relatively new vans are relatively expensive so Sherri being the planner/organizer that she is has come up with these various fund raisers like bottle drives and this garage sale that is in my orchard today and tomorrow. people have brought pickup loads of stuff to donate and this is like the granddaddy of all garage sales. With all the cars and people coming and going it was more like a rodeo. There were lots of people who donated stuff and there were a lot of people who donated time to help for hours organizing all the stuff and then being here today and tomorrow for the sale. It is always fun to see people work together for a cause and to see the great results when they do. It always seems that God’s hand of blessing is on those projects and people involved with them when the cause is noble and there is good unity on the part of those involved.

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