While fishing for Walleyes and Pike I had a little minnow on a hook for bait. I casted it out and at the same time this Cormerant, a big bird like a duck but the size of a goose dived under the water looking for a fish to eat and spotted my bait fish and ate it. As the bird underwater started swimming furiously away I thought I had a huge fish on and began to fight it thinking it was going to be a huge one. When the bird surfaced and started flying it pulled so hard it broke my fishing rod and stripped most of the line off my real before I managed to break the line. As I was getting my extra rod and getting it set up to continue fishing I thought of how often that happens in life. You are all excited because it seems something really good is going to happen only to have it turn into just the opposite. What do you do now? Go get the backup rod, and go back to fishing. Many people are paralyzed by self pity, shock, anger, or bitterness when an apparent big fish turns into an ugly bird and a broken fishing rod. Happy, successful people have learned to rejoice always, no matter what happens, to never grumble or feel sorry for themselves, and to be decisive in choices that lead to recovery and conquest.

4 thoughts on “Cormerant

  1. Robyn

    Pastor Dee, is there no room for grief in life? Not everyone is delirriously happy all the time, no matter what. When people are feeling sorry for themselves they are working through a problem and just need acceptance and love and to know there is hope. I happen to be a naturally up person, I think due to my faith, but still go through times of sadness and loneliness. I think this is normal and ok, WNL. Just sayin😎



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