Fish, fish, fish

Fished most of the day today, and we just finished eating dinner and we ate so much of the fish that we caught that I am hardly able to get out of my chair I am so stuffed. We are going out pretty soon to fish some more for cat fish. I haven’t caught any of that yet on this trip. It quit raining about 10 am and the weather has gotten nicer and nicer. Lots of people here fishing on Memorial Day weekend and one thing about it is that people who fish are some of the nicest people there are. One of my principles of managing the pressures of life so that they don’t turn into stress is have an activity that is renewing so that your emotional gas tank is always full. There isn’t much that renews me as effectively as fishing does. One of the greatest barriers to accomplishing a lot with your life is the inability to manage pressure without it turning to stress. My motto is “pressure is part of the job and the bigger and more significant the job the more the pressure, but stress is optional. I can lead a stress free life if I manage pressure well and a significant part of managing pressure is knowing how to renew yourself. “Thou shalt fish”

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