Duke Boy’s

My three brothers Cliff, Matt, and Jeff and I built a deck for my Mom today. That is the first time we have done a project like that in a lot of years. We worked together all the time on the farm when we were kids putting in hay, milking cows, and building and repairing farm buildings and equipment. Quite a bit different now that we are all old guys, but it was a lot of fun, especially in that the deck turned out nice and my Mom loved it. I actually spent more time drinking coffee talking than I did building but it still only took about 4 hours to finish it. It is always fun to spend time with family. My sister was there as well and her family. The ladies made coffee, lunch, and took pictures of the fine deck as it progressed. I made a goal to call my Mom once a week at the first of the year but have been very unfaithful in keeping that goal. I remade it today while talking to Mom, and I am determined to be faithful to keep it. Giving my Mom time each week is very important, and I will do it.

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