OHSU Parkinson’s Center

Had an appointment today with a Pneurologist at the Parkinson’s center at OHSU. Very nice doctor who asked a lot of questions about how I was doing. Changed my medication a little bit, but mostly just keeping on doing what I am doing. My exercising is doing a lot of good keeping the Parkinson’s from progressing very fast. I am planning on increasing the amount of time each day that I exercise. My goal is 10 hours each week, but I have only been getting in about 7 for the last couple of months. Exercising is the hardest of all my disciplines to be faithful to. The key to success at it is to remind myself constantly of the health benefits and the joy of being able to continue pastoring. The other disciplines in my life have even greater benefits, reading my Bible every day, memorizing Bible verses and meditating on them every day, spending time with God in prayer everyday, taking time to reflect, examining my life every day for character flaws and weaknesses and sins and confessing them to God. I own those sins before God not blaming others, making excuses, justifying, or simply ignoring them. My flesh hates the basic disciplines of the Christian life, but I have motivated myself to be faithful to them by writing out all the benefits and blessings that come from God for being faithful to do them.

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