Preached on heaven today at church at JBC. Now I am sitting here in my recliner thinking about the day and reviewing my sermon in my mind. Thinking about and meditating on heaven is a great way to get rid of worry, anxiety, weariness, loneliness, depression, self pity. Hope is supernaturally powerful in it’s ability to lift us out of the negativity of this world. Thinking about heaven when life gets hard is like the proverbial light at the end the tunnel. The more we think about heaven the more our faith grows and the more real heaven becomes in our thinking. I believe God rewards those who choose to set their mind on heaven instead of this life with greater levels of strength, joy, and peace. At first when you start trying to think about heaven it is hard because you have nothing from experience to think about. It is hard to think about something we have never experienced. But what I have found to be true is that if you persevere in thinking about eternity regularly and often God will reward that effort and give us some thoughts and mental ideas about our eternity. This earth is not our home, we are just passing through, so I choose to think more about my future eternal home more than this present life that will soon be gone.

1 thought on “Heaven

  1. Brenda

    Posts such as these are so helpful to me in dealing with worry and anxiety. Thank you so much! Wise stuff! Ive attended the prayer seminar, and do focus on heaven more than I used to as a result. It’s not something that’s dwelled on a lot at the average church.



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