Next project

I am trying to decide what my next big project will be. I pretty much have my aquaponics system running fairly smoothly. Feed the fish 3 or 4 times a day and watch everything grow. It will be a couple of months before I start eating anything from my greenhouse, fish or vegetable.

i think I am going to start on my 3 wheeled car. It is basically a three wheeled motorcycle with a two passenger cab with car seats. You basically build the whole thing out of plywood, foam, and fiberglass and then build a front axle and steering mechanism and an engine box out of steel tubing . It would get 40 to 80 mpg depending on the engine I use. I bought the plans already and it is one of the goals I wrote for myself this year.

I wonder if the urge to build things, create things, comes from being created in God’s image? I also have the goal to teach myself taxidermy from video classes I bought and mount my bear and then the mountain lion I killed this year. That will be fun, for sure! Maybe I can do both!!

I also have the goal to rebuild a 1986 Ford pickup with a 300 inline 6 engine. I have it in my garage mostly torn apart so I should do that so it doesn’t sit in my shop blocking all kinds of other projects. I have bought the Manuel and joined a Ford inline 6 forum in order to ask questions from the experts! I guess I could do all three!!??!! Build the 3 wheeled car, do a full  body mount of my bear and mountain lion, and rebuild my Ford pickup! I could work on one project for 2 days and then switch.  That way I wouldn’t get bored. And

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