Trust God

This nasty cold has gotten me to thinking about stuff I don’t like. Why do I have a cold?  If I prayed and really had faith would God take it away? Could it be that this cold is God’s plan for my life in a small way. Doesn’t God care that this head ache and runny nose and fever is making me miserable?

The theology called “prosperity gospel” says that if God really is a God of love that He will take trials and pain out of my life. God is judged by the comfort level of ones life. He is trusted and declared good when circumstances are pleasant. The content of prayers is “fix my life”! One person’s comment was, “God owes me a break”, really?

The truth is, ” life is hard, and will get harder by God’s design”. Why?? God’s plan is to mold and shape our character to be like His own, and an easy, comfortable life does not do that. But we forget! This life is short and then we will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus experiencing the perfect life, if we have trusted Him as our saviour.  As we live this tough life He will give strength to whoever asks, He will give joy in spite of trials to whoever asks, when there is great anxiety He will give peace to whoever asks. Life is hard and will get harder and harder but I trust God totally and look forward to stepping into eternity and getting a new body and living in a place of perfect joy forever.  In the mean time I will trust God that He loves me and will cause the best to happen to make me like Himself so that when I get to heaven I will be like Him and He can enjoy me and I can enjoy HIm forever. I am resolved to not complain or grumble about a cold or anything else that I don’t like. It will pass and soon I will be with Him.

2 thoughts on “Trust God

  1. Tim Edgren

    Speaking for the rest of us, I think it might be worth you having a cold so that you can remind us that God intends for our life to be hard. God does care that your cold is making you miserable — and he can hardly wait for you to be with Him forever, without any sickness. I was complaining to myself today about some difficulties, and I appreciate the reminder.



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