I have been studying a bunch for my sermon this weekend on the Trinity. In nearly 40 years I have never preached on this classic doctrine of the church. I think the reason is that simple sermons that even my grandkids can understand is a major goal of my teaching the Bible. The Trinity seemed so deep and mysterious I didn’t think I could make it simple and understandable, and I was afraid that in attempting to do so I would dishonor God in the process. God the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three distinct personalities but so much in love with each other, so intent on one purpose, so United in all that they do that they are like one. We are created in the image and likeness of God. We crave to be loved and to love unconditionally because we are like God. We are obsessed with communicating with others so much that we are glued to our cell phones and spend hours on Facebook. That is because we are like God. We are miserable when we are fighting with those we are closest to and are full of joy when our relationships are healthy and going well. That is because we are like God. When we grow in our relationship with God there is a vacuum in us that is filled up and makes our relationships with those around us become more and more what we truly desire. When we neglect God and even deny Him we are like one of those rats in a cage going round and round but going nowhere. We were created by God for God and when we draw near to Him things just seem to work better.

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