Hurray! A tail wind!

Left Dickinson this morning at 6:30 am and pedaled 73 miles to New Salem, North Dakota.  It was a very enjoyable day of biking for several reasons; (1) because of having two rest days in a row because of waiting out the storm that hit North Dakota where we were I was feeling very strong and energetic. Everything felt good, even my butt which made for an enjoyable day. I think also I am getting in better and better shape by this many miles of riding. (2) We had a 15 mph tail wind with gusts that were much stronger than that. It felt like I had a motor on my bicycle pedaling was so easy. (3) It did rain quite a bit the first part of the day and along with the wind I got very cold while riding. About 25 miles into the day when I was really freezing there was a little town with a cafe so we decided to stop for a hot cup of coffee. Once we got in and sat down we both decided to have eggs, hash browns and toast with our coffee. The young girl who was waiting on us had no clue what she was doing and told us numerous times that this was her first day. As a result we were over an hour in there eating and drinking about 4 cups of coffee. I didn’t mind one little bit, it was warm. We had conversations with numerous people who saw our bikes. Very nice time.

We road on the freeway, I-94 quite a bit today and with the rain, wind, and road spray we got pretty wet. We stopped numerous times under overpasses to get out of the rain for a reprieve from the wet and stood behind the concrete pillars to get out of the wind. John made me get behind my own pillar when I tried to stand next to him behind one and use him for a little heat.

Today is August 24th, my and Patty’s 45th anniversary. We will celebrate when I get home!

We are planning on riding 73 miles tomorrow as well. I am hoping we have some more tail wind minus the rain. Love you all. Dee

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