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Mid-Term Elections

I recently filled out my mail in ballot. The single most important issue to me in this election or any election is abortion. I don’t vote for anyone that is even a little bit lukewarm on this issue. I believe plain and simple that abortion is murder, that life begins at the point of conception. Any nation that defends abortion on the basis of freedom to choose is sick, and will sooner or later experience the judgment of God. There are a lot of other issues discussed, and people get fairly heated in debating them, but all those other things are incredibly insignificant compared to the blatant killing of unborn children in the name of freedom of choice. I have been praying almost every day for years that God would heal our land. I think that the only solution and hope is a national revival, which will take a lot of followers of Jesus committing time to pray faithfully.


I am having a wonderful time building a go kart with my two, 10 year old grandsons. Today we got the back axle installed complete with a tire at both ends of the axle, seated, sealed, and full of air, compliments of starting fluid and some late night explosions. We also got the motor installed, lined up and squared with the axle, with a drive chain cut the perfect length and installed as well. Put motor oil and gas in the engine and it started the first pull. I have a belt drive torque converter/Transmission bolted to the engine, and as the engine ran it worked perfectly. I had the back end lifted up sitting on a bucket so the tires could spin freely as it ran. Wow, I was so impressed with our creation! I was basking in the success of our project when all of a sudden I realized that the tires were spinning in the wrong direction, it was going backwards. I had failed to pull the starter rope and see which direction the engine turned before doing all the work getting everything on. I can’t believe I did that!!

Late Birthday Party

On October 27th, the day of my birthday everyone in my family was busy so we postponed celebrating my 70th birthday until tonight. All 5 of the local kids, their spouse and their kids came over, and we had barbecued elk burger, vegetables, and apple pie with ice cream. Everyone sang a special song for me complete with 4 ukuleles, a flute, trombone, and a drum. Afterwards everyone sat around and told stories of the growing up years with lots of laughter. It was a very enjoyable evening, and a great birthday party. As the kids told stories I was surprised at how many of them I didn’t remember. Kind of sad thinking about all the years of raising our 8 kids and realizing that I have forgotten most of it. I wonder sometimes if I will have a perfect memory when I get to heaven so I can remember every detail of every experience with the kids, Patty, and the church. I suspect there are some memories I would rather forget. One thing for sure is that we will have so much more understanding of why things happened the way that they did. So many mysteries that exist now will all be cleared up when we see things from God’s perspective. The most important principle to follow while living life is “keep your eyes on the finish line”. The finish line for those who know and follow Jesus is heaven, eternity with God. When we focus on eternity our joy goes up, our ability to manage pressure goes up, our willingness to take a risk goes up,

Suffer Successfully

I like the title of this blog. We all will go through tough times eventually, some more than others. I believe God plans those events, and brings them into our life to grow our character. If the purpose of the trials results in significant character growth we have suffered successfully, but if the suffering results in bitterness, self-pity, grumbling, and conflict with others we have failed miserably and are a failure. The worst part of failing these events from a human perspective is that now we have to take the test over again until we pass it. I flunked a very important test in college, in fact it was so important that I couldn’t graduate without passing it. My professor said we can arrange for another test to be administered, but understand something, the next test is more difficult than the first one, and if you flunk it again the next will be even more difficult yet, and if you flunk that one you will need to take another full semester of classes in order to graduate. I remember thinking, whooeee, I wish I had studied more on that first test. How do you suffer successfully? The first step is to recognize that, this is what life is about, so get over thinking when you have a major trial that God is being unloving and unfair, He is getting us fit for eternity, how is that uncaring.

Trunk or Treat

I had a great time this evening passing out candy to kids that came to our “Trunk or Treat” event in our church parking lot. I brought my 24 foot dory that I built and had my cooler full of candy. I sat in my lawn chair drinking coffee handing out candy with the other had, giving extra to any kid who said nice boat. Had many conversations with Dad’s about boats and fishing. I heard there was over a 1,000 that came through. Great weather and very nice people. If I were still a parent of little kids I would certainly prefer taking them to a church parking lot with a bunch of decorated up cars, busses, fire trucks, police swat vans, and boats where they probably got as much if not more candy than they would have walking the streets knocking on doors of houses. Then there was the bonus of free hot dogs, chips, and hot chocolate in the gym along with a bouncy house. I was proud to be part of such a great event.

Burned with Fire

I am building a go-kart with my two, 10 year old grandsons. They are having a great time, and So am I. I purchased 4 tires and rims for the cart. The tires are a foot wide, 20 inches in diameter, with big nobbies on them. I got the tires on the rims after some work , but I just couldn’t get the beads on the tubeless tires to set with the rim. About 2 am this morning I couldn’t sleep so I went out to my shop to see if I could get those tires filled with air. Before I went out I googled the problem and saw there were 2 “YouTube” demos on how to do what I wanted. One suggested spraying starting fluid into the tire, and then lighting it, and the resulting explosion pushes the wall of the tires out against the rim. I must have sprayed too much starting fluid into the tire, because the resulting explosion burned the hair off of my arm, and singed my beard pretty good. But the good news is the tire blew out and sealed with the rim, and I pumped it full of air. I went back in the house and went to bed.

Seek God

Passivity and true Christianity do not go together. I am a member of the Ford Flathead V-8 club. What does that mean? It means absolutely nothing. Since selling my 1949 Ford pickup that had a V-8 Flathead in it back in April I have not chatted on the forum, I haven’t purchased anything off of their web sight, I haven’t asked for any advice on rebuilding an old Flathead and I haven’t given any advice either. I am a member, but a very passive member, on paper only.

Many people who say that they are a Christian have that kind of faith. It really isn’t faith at all, it is a passive acknowledgement of a historical event, the birth and life of a man who lived long ago who called Himself Jesus. They say, “I believe in Jesus”, a statement which has no faith, or commitment in it.

A true follower of Jesus is a seeker of Him, that is we desire to know Him intimately, as we know our wife or husband. To be a true follower of Jesus is being a lifelong seeker of Him, not passively, but aggressively. Deuteronomy 4:2 “But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.” Aggressively seeking Jesus is to seek Him with all our heart and soul.

The benefits and blessings that God brings into the life of a person who seeks him are amazing. To those who seek Him with all their heart, mind, and strength God gives joy, strength, peace, healthy relationships, cool assignments in life, greater and greater success, and a great sense of His pleasure.