My son- in-law and his brother are building a shop in Soldotna and I am getting ready to fish. I got everything pretty much all ready to go so tomorrow they will finish the shop and I will get everything ready to go and then we will fish for halibut out of my drift boat Friday and Saturday. In the meantime am having a good time doing a lot of studying and reading and writing and some fishing stuff.

I went into a store today to buy a couple of cans of spray paint for my boat and as I was waiting for the clerk to finish ringing everything up I saw a box of “Rollows” on the desk. Rollows are a chocolate candy with caramel centers that are amazingly good tasting. I have not eaten any sugar for almost a month and I have been feeling better and better for this past month, but seeing that candy I couldn’t resist and I got one and ate it on the drive back to the fish camp. When I got back my legs started hurting so bad I could hardly walk.

I was reinforced in my belief that sugar is a major cause and reason for my Parkinson’s acting up do much of late. I know what it does to me but I still have trouble resisting the urge to eat just a little bit! Sometimes I can’t believe what a wimp I am when it comes to self-control!

2 thoughts on “Alaska

  1. Ann Lorraine

    Make it one of your goals to cast away sugar! Make measurable, attainable goals to never entertain sugar again, because I know feeling well is one of the keenest desires of your heart! (Someone very WISE taught me this!!) I don’t think you won’t have that long to wait till you get the heavenly version of SUGAR. I’ll bet it will be fantastic.

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  2. Beverlee Hilton

    Hi Dee, sugar is hard to resist, and its in almost everything. Take a little honey in your coffee or tea and it helps. Honey is good for you, and its sweet.

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