Hook in the Hand

Every kid who fishes a lot while growing up eventually gets a hook in the flesh somewhere. The best place is the hand as opposed to any place on the head, arms or back, though places covered with cloths are usually safe. We went fishing today with the grandkids for Artic Grayling and the youngest of the boys got a hook in the hand by standing to close to his brother who was casting. We cut the line off and left it in until we got home, and then Philip pushed the hook through, cut off the barb, and then pulled it out, quick, clean, and simple, but not without a little pain and tears. But soon it was just a story and all was good.

In the book of Job in the Bible it says that, “man was born for troubles as sparks fly upwards.” One of our goals in raising our kids was that they would be tough. A tough person expects that trials, troubles, and problems are coming on a regular basis because that is just the way it is. When they do come, they deal with it, solve it, fix it, overcome it, and live with it. They don’t fuss much, feel sorry for themselves, or blame others. They almost always get tougher and grow in character, and enjoy the stories that come from it. It was good to see my grandkids are being raised to be tough as well. It made my grandpa heart proud.

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