God’s Power Flows to Commitment

I decided to write a new daily prayer of commitment. It is much longer than my last one that I had memorized so I will read this one each day. I will print it off, laminate it, and hang it in the bathroom. I will also put it in my phone, and my Ipad.

Today, Jesus, I declare You to be King, master, ruler, and Lord of my life. You purchased me with Your blood, I am not in charge of my life, You are. Today I will obey You, I will seek Your perfect will for my life, and I will do whatever You want me to do, no matter how difficult it is. This is the only reasonable thing I can do, in light of all that You have done for me.

Today, I will read Your Word, I will memorize it and meditate on it, Your Word will not depart from my mind.

Today, I will be devoted to prayer, I will pray in solitude, with Patty, and with my church family, I will pray without ceasing.

Today I will diligently work at growing in my spiritual gift of teaching and will always be looking for opportunities You provide to teach Your Word to others in speech and in writing.

Today I will love Patty as You, Jesus have loved the church. She is the only woman in my life mentally, emotionally, and physically. I will honor her by paying sincere attention to her words as she talks to me. I will not get angry at her, not even a little bit irritated, no matter what she does. I will work hard to understand her as a person and I will meet all of her needs.

Today, I will love any person You sovereignly bring into my life no matter how difficult they might be to love. I will forgive them quickly of any offense against me because You have forgiven me of everything wrong I have done. I will meet the needs in their life sacrificially as I become aware of them. In any conflict I will initiate reconciliation, I will be the peacemaker.

Today, I will do my part to build Your church at JBC and around the world. I will use my gifts, energy, and resources to make Your Bride beautiful, without spot wrinkle or blemish. I will love Your Church, Your eternal Bride as I love You.

Today I will diligently pursue holiness and the character of Christ. I will confess and repent of all known sins, not justifying, excusing, ignoring, or blaming them on others.

Today I will exercise self-control over my thoughts and words, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and only speaking words that edify and give grace to those who hear.

Today I will exercise great self-control over my eating and my exercise recognizing that my physical body is the only means that I have to serve You and do Your work, I am a steward of my body.

Today I will seek wisdom like gold, silver and precious treasure. I will diligently read good books, listen to good teaching, and get good counsel, never being content with where I am, always wanting more.

Today I will lift up my eyes and look at the fields that are white all around me looking for open doors, opportunities, and divine appointments and I will be Your ambassador and witness attempting to influence people closer to faith in Jesus.

Today I will be a leader as God grants opportunity. As I lead I will be gentle, humble, and gracious. I will, not be argumentative, pugnacious, and I will not lord it over people. I will work hard at praising people and honoring them as God’s children.

I can’t keep these commitments in my own strength. Dear Lord, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit today, grant me Your strength. Today I will glorify You with my life, I will praise and worship You, I will not let the foot of pride step on my neck, and I will walk humbly with my God.

2 thoughts on “God’s Power Flows to Commitment

  1. Larry Elkins

    Yes he I will commit to doing exactly the same I will read that everyday what a wonderful commitment to a god and I need that as well so thank you love you bye


  2. Jo Catlin

    As you, Dee, always remind us: All organizations rise and fall based on the commitments, or lack thereof, of their leadership…

    In the few years I’ve walked this blue globe I’ve noticed this….

    Leadership is akin to a 3 legged stool…
    The legs are:

    (Is there abuse of their “position” through power &/or control, or are they serving with a towel and wash basin; are they willing to empower others to pursue the visions others also have for organization )

    (What are they doing, saying, or thinking when they think noone is looking)

    (Want to know what kind of leader they really are, look at how they handle finances…)

    As sure as the sun will rise every day, when one leg on this 3 legged stool starts to falter and break, the others are sure to follow suit….

    Maintenance of commitments, and accountablility to them, is vital for a sure footed leader.



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