A Few of my Favorite Things

I do a lot of different things as a Pastor now, but in the early days of my ministry I did way more different things than I do now. As the years have gone by I have given much of what I used to do to different people in the church. They not only have done a better job with that ministry than I did, but now they will receive eternal rewards at the judgment seat of Christ for contributing to the health of the church through their ministry. There are a few things that I still love to do and that give me great joy.

I have such a good time with the groups of men that I meet with each week for the purpose of holding them accountable for the basic disciplines of the Christian life, and they all enjoy getting on my case when I fall short of my goals. We read the Bible every day using our individual plans for how much we read. We pray by ourselves every day, most of us pray at least 15 minutes. If we are married we pray with our wives three times each week. This discipline is one of the hardest that many guys have, and it takes many of them a long time to get this one down and be faithful to it. Less than 1% of marriages where the husband and wife pray together ends in divorce. We all write our own personal goals for the year and read those goals several times each week. There are a number of other disciplines as well that we pursue diligently, holding each other accountable, encouraging each other, praying for each other, and becoming good friends. The best part of being part of these groups (I have five groups right now) is seeing the growth in each one of the men over time, they all become solid champions for God.

I have five other ministries that I hope that I can stay healthy enough to keep doing and remain involved and faithful in until Jesus takes me to heaven, but I have used up my allotment of words so I will save them for tomorrow.

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