Going Fishing

I am getting up in the morning at 4:00 am to go steelhead fishing on the Siletz River. It is now 10:00 pm and I need to go to bed so I get some sleep, but I don’t have everything done yet! I need to write this blog, ride my stationary bike and read my Bible. I just preached tonight about reading the Bible so I shouldn’t skip that, but my brain is starting to sputter and I keep falling asleep as I am writing this. Oops I fell asleep with my thumb on the keyboard and everything I wrote got erased, oooooh I have to write it all over again, but I can’t remember what I wrote, ok just start over and think, and don’t fall asleep! OK, I am going to skip the bike tonight and just read 5 chapters in Psalms and call it good. Hey, I will make you all a deal, we will call this good enough for this blog tonight, and I will put a picture in tomorrow’s blog of my steelhead that I catch. Good night!

3 thoughts on “Going Fishing

  1. kl dement

    Let’s see some great pictures.   My son in law loves fishing just like you!   He was just fishing on Little Miami near Garibaldi.   He usually does not keep his catch but this time he did.  I was visiting and marinaded the steelhead in pineapple juice and lemon juice.  It was fabulous.   His other favorite fishing spots are wallowa lake out of Joseph and Grande Rhonde areas.   He too goes out in Multnomah channel.  I only would hope some time he would come to church with me you 2 could talk for hours.   Only problem he lives far NW side of Portland.   Just keep praying and will have to wait for Gods plan Kathy Dement 

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