I spent most of today and last Saturday working at JBC on remodeling our old racquetball court into a chapel for our kid’s ministries. Six other guys were working with me, or a more accurate way to put it is that I was working with six other guys because they did most of the work. I can’t do much real work now, but I can do some and have a great time doing it. Some of my most enjoyable times as a pastor over the last 47 years have been the building projects we have had. They have been enjoyable because I like building, but primarily because of the reward of seeing many people working together in unity with a common goal in mind. We now have a lot of very practical, usable, and beautiful facilities that are all paid for and built mostly by volunteers. We don’t have any more room to build new buildings, so we are now remodeling the old ones.

God is the creator of everything, and Jesus is now building our Kingdom home. We are created in the image and likeness of God so we like to create, to build, and to make new things. Building buildings out of wood is fun, but now, more than ever, I like to build people, to develop them, to train, coach and motivate them to be great servants of God, doing amazing things with their life.

I pray every day and ask God to give me more and more opportunities to serve Him and to teach, coach and train disciples for Jesus.

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