A lot of men don’t have any close friends. The Bible makes having friends very important. Having friends, close friends is like getting married in that when I wanted to get married, I was on the hunt; I was looking for a godly wife who would be a fun companion and someone who would bring great joy into my life. So I looked and I dated and once I had made up my mind I put her in my sights and courted her.

The first thing a guy has to do to have friends is to recognize how important good friends are. If the value of friends is foggy, they won’t exert the effort required to have friends. Then take the first step, take the initiative, and pursue a close relationship with someone that has character, encourages you, that you encourage, that is transparent, and has a close friendship with Jesus.

To maintain friendships the basic principles of our Christian faith must be practiced faithfully;

1. Forgive quickly. A proneness toward a judgmental attitude, bitterness, anger, resentment, and hurt feelings makes maintaining a friendship almost impossible. Nobody owes you anything, you have to earn it.

2. Be a servant. A real friend looks for opportunities to meet a need in the life of his friends. He sees them easily, acts quickly and doesn’t expect to be rewarded.

3. Be gracious and accepting of differences. Everybody has opinions about everything under the sun, and very few people have the same opinions about anything. Discussions and conversations about life, principles, events, values, and opinions are enjoyable, but it is easy to cross the line to becoming argumentative, and then friendships can be lost quickly. The question to ask ourselves is, “ what is more important to me, being right or having friends,” rarely can you have them both.

There are nine more on my list of basic principles on healthy relationships, but you can probably figure them out. Just ask the question, “how do I like to be treated? and then treat others that way. They are all in the Bible.,

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