There are

about a dozen areas of life that need balance in order for us to be healthy, happy and successful. One of those areas is balance between having an intense desire to accomplish a goal and being relaxed about accomplishing that same goal.

Intense desire, passion, want, and focus is the difference between being a person who is a true champion continuously accomplishing significant goals or a person who is mediocre at best in his life and life accomplishments. Being a person who is driven to accomplish significant things saves you from being lazy and unmotivated.

But being an intense, focused, and driven person can be hard when a goal that we are pursuing isn’t accomplished, the disappointment from unrealized dreams can be very painful. The pain of the disappointment tends to make us difficult to live with. But a highly motivated, focused and passionate person tends to think that he will accomplish all of his goals, but there are to many things in life that we can’t control to make that even a remote possibility. So we alternate between the joy of winning and the disappointment of losing.

A totally relaxed person is ok with not accomplishing a goal, not getting everything on the “todo” list crossed off. He is much more into the process of accomplishing the goal, the journey of accomplishing something significant needs to have a significant amount of fun in it. A totally relaxed person will have a lot of friends but few significant accomplishments in his life.

Being a person who is walking on a 2 x 4 going between two buildings 100 feet off of the ground will require amazing balance to accomplish that short journey without dying.

Having a balance between being totally obsessed and being relaxed will result in us being faithful, diligent, and enjoyable to be around.

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