Riding Coast to Coast on a Bicycle is Crazy

Years ago, when I was a Freshman in College, my baseball coach would give five-minute devotions after practice. He was one of my early life heroes. One particular devotion had a major impact on the rest of my life. He taught on 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, and one sentence that he spoke burned into my brain and heart.

“The toughness of the physical challenges that you accept or reject in your life are the foundation of all other areas of your life.”

School – some people work hard, study hard, and make high goals, others, not so much. Occupation – some people work hard, are super conscientious, are constantly learning, and are always trying to do better, others, not so much. Relationships, marriage, and family – some people see the quality of all of their relationships as their responsibility, they work hard at becoming a relational genius, they never blame others and they are never satisfied, others, not so much. God – there are a few who read their Bibles every day, spend time with God in prayer every day, memorize and meditate on scripture, and look for every opportunity to serve, others, not so muck.

According to my baseball coach if you took the easy way in physical challenges in your life you will tend to do the same in all the other areas of your life.

His admonition to us on the team was that if we wanted to accel in all areas of our life we ought to make a habit of regularly looking for something that challenged us physically. He emphasized that those challenges would be different for everyone and would change as we got older, but being lazy, fearful, mostly concerned about comfort, and generally inactive would most often result in a mediocre life in every area.

My baseball coach was just a man with his own opinions on things. You don’t have to believe what he says is true.

I believed what he said was true when I was a freshman in college and I still believe it is true.

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