The Devil Doesn’t Want Me to Pray

I have been having so many negative thoughts about going down and praying at the church during this “Five Days of Prayer.” I have felt terrible since day one of the prayer event, my muscles are killing me, I have had a constant upset stomach, my head aches, and I am exhausted. Sitting here tonight thoughts popped into my head nonstop about sleeping in and skipping prayer tomorrow morning, because after all I had already prayed 33 hours.

After I got over my pitty party which no one came to but me, I thought, this must be a really important prayer time, I can’t think of any prayer event in the past that I have struggled with going to as much as this one.

So, being the competitor that I am, there was no way I am going to let the devil push me around and win this fight. One more day, let’s end it with a bang!

There are so many people in our church who don’t participate in these prayer events. I know that there are legitimate reasons for some, but most I am thinking are like those Paul told Timothy about,”they are being held captive by the evil one to do his will instead of God’s.” Sad that Christians don’t have enough commitment to break free from the control of satan in their lives. I guess I shouldn’t be to critical, I came close to being one of those that the devil controlled.

It is amazing how much better I feel now after writing this.

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