Of all the things that we have to deal with in life I think physical pain is the most difficult for me. Not low-grade pain, but the kind that makes you wince and groan involuntarily. Of late my Parkinson’s seems to be getting worse, and I have been having increasing pain in my muscles when I move. The pain ranges from feeling like an electric shock, to being stabbed with a knife, to a cramp. It moves around but so far nothing below the knee or below my elbow. I have really never had real intense pain before, at least not that I remember, so I am learning how to manage it without turning into a whining wimp.

A major blessing is that I have zero pain while riding my stationary bicycle or when sitting in my hot tub. My hot tub is my go-to therapy when I wake up in the middle of the night with pain in my legs or arms. I am looking forward to my two month, 4,000 mile bicycle trip that we start in just over a week because when I ride my real bicycle for ten hours a day my Parkinson’s doesn’t bother me at all.

Pain has a way of wearing me out, and making me tired even though I may not have done anything. But it is mostly mental fatigue so a key to managing the consequences of the disease is to manage my thoughts. I do this by setting my mind on some physical activity that I am involved with and doing it in my imagination. It doesn’t produce the results of actually doing the activity, but close.

2 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Bill McKinney

    Although we speak infrequently you are on my mind often. Your strength and fortitude have been a wonderful blessing to me many times. I pray that you are Blessed this Easter season and that God Blesses you in a Special way that proves yet again just how much He cares for you. Be well Pastor Dee.


  2. Steven Walker

    Wish there was more I could do…. pray is seeming like my only option… but If you might trust…I’d could try to help you in some way…. feel free to ask. (Just no heavy lifting…………………) Thanks



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