There is a lot in the news about the war in Ukrain, but a more important war is the one that will be fought in the prayer room at JBC in the next five days. We will be praying for the next five days for ten hours each day for the souls of people who don’t know Jesus as their savior and are destined to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with the devil in eternal torment. The war will be a spiritual one fought in the heavenlies all around us by the angels of God and the demons of Satan. The prayers of believers are what prompt God to commission His angels and it is also the source of their energy. So when we pray God commissions angels to fight and they are given energy as it were to successfully overcome the demonic enemy.

People are blinded by demons so that they can’t understand the truth of the Gospel. When we pray God delivers them and they are able to hear and understand the truth of God.

Come and join us in our prayer room.

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