Busy, Busy- But it Felt so Good

This weekend was super full and busy. Friday I attended and taught a 15 minute devotional at Jim Lee’s graveside service, Saturday I preached at the “Memorial Service”for Jim at 11:00 am, then I taught my “Leadership Class” at 5:30 pm, and preached at the Saturday evening service at 7:00 pm. Sunday morning I taught my “Ladies Leadership Class” at 8:00 am, then preached at the 9:00 am worship service, next I taught my parenting class, then I preached again at the 11:30 am worship service, then my 1:00 pm “Men’s Leadership Class, then at 3:00 pm I taught my “Leadership Class II” class, and then we had a Church Elder’s meeting at 5:00 pm. And then I went home and played pinochle with my brother, his wife, and Patty until 9:00 pm and ate Rocky Road ice cream between games. Today we started our “Five Day Prayer” event so I was up at 4:00 am and prayed from 5:00 to 10:00 am. Then I went out to lunch with a friend, then I had a short appointment with another friend, and now I am home writing this blog and writing fast so I might have a 20-minute nap before I head back to the church for the evening prayer time from 5:00 to 10:00 pm

I lot of people complain about busy, but I like busy. There are several reason why I like busy.

1. I am busy with things that matter, that positively influence and impact other people.

2. I thank the Lord constantly for the tremendous and incredible privilege of serving Him. No one does anything significant for God unless He gives them the opportunity, takes them off the bench and puts them in the game as it were. I certainly don’t want to think or talk negative about such an awesome privilege.

3. At 73 years of age I probably don’t have a lot of time left to earn rewards from the Lord when I stand before Him at the ”Judgment Seat of Christ,” at the end of my life, so I appreciate very much the opportunities given to me to earn more eternal rewards.

4. Whenever I start feeling a little bit tired I pray and ask God to give me His strength to serve Him well. He loves to give His supernatural power to those who ask and ask a lot, that’s me.

5. I take little 15 minute breaks to sit and rest all through the day when it is possible to do so.

6. Tuesday and Wednesday I was at Klamath Falls shooting my Savage .17 caliber HMR rifle, at Belgium ground squirrels, known as sage rats, that were destroying an alfalfa field. I shot 900 bullets in two days, and thinned them out considerably. So when I started into this busy four days, my emotional gas tank was clear full.

7. I faithfully read the Bible every day for 30 minutes and also spend 30 minutes talking to the Lord in prayer. I ride my stationary bicycle for an hour every day, read 20 pages in a good book, listen to a great motivational speaker on a podcast while riding my bike, I spend 30 minutes memorizing and medtating on scripture, I write my blog, and I end the day spending a few minutes reviewing the day, examining my life and confessing all known sin to God. Those daily disciplines keep my soul healthy, and healthy souls enjoy life, whatever it might be.

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