The Death of an Old Friend

Jim Lee died Wednesday from cancer. He was a good friend. I went to the Portland swap meet today and I remembered that the first time I ever went over 30 years ago was with Jim. I remember him being pretty serious about the method that we used as we went through the various buildings so that we wouldn’t miss seeing anything that was there. I still remembered that today as I went from row to row and building to building methodically so as not to miss seeing a thing. One of the funniest things I remember about Jim is how hard he tried to have each of our kids say Studebaker as their first word spoken!

I have Pastored JBC for 46 years, and there are 16 people in the church now who have been here as long or close to as long as me, and Jim and Janet are two of those faithful people. Though I guess it would be more accurate to say 15 now because Jim is in heaven with the Lord. The terms that I would use for those 16 are enduring pillars and faithful friends. I seriously doubt whether I would still be here as the Pastor of JBC had it not been for their leadership, personal sacrifice, and hard work.

With all the work we have done on building the various facilities here at JBC over the last 46 years one of the things we would often do on a Friday night was have an all-night work party setting up lights and working until daylight and then going out for breakfast. Jim was at many of those all-nighters, and his enthusiasm would keep everyone awake and working hard through the night.

The last 46 years have been fun, challenging, and amazing. The best part has been building His Church together with other faithful people. It is amazing all that God can do through people who love each other and work together in humility and unity. It is sad to think about the fact that the core group of 16 is starting to shrink in number until we will all be gone gone. But what we have done together will be remembered and built upon for many more years until Jesus comes.

4 thoughts on “The Death of an Old Friend

  1. 520randall

    I’m sorry Dee that you don’t get to enjoy your friend on earth any longer! 🙏🏻


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  2. pattys1054

    Pastor Dee,

    I know this is a great loss for so many at JBC. I’m so sorry for the personal loss of your dear friend.

    Steve and I were just talking about we are all just one diagnosis away. As we both near 70 I also know there will be more and more friends leaving this temporary life and on to eternity with Jesus. Maybe even myself.

    It is sad but it also brings a peace knowing where those who have left us are with our Lord. If they know Jesus. Death and it’s nearness inspires me to want to do more to tells those who do not have this assurance about Christ and His saving grace.

    I pray for all of you at JBC who knew Jim for so many years. And thank you for all 46 years of your faithfulness to serving God at JBC. I appreciate you!

    Patty Schaan

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  3. redeemed57yahoocom

    Truly sorry for the huge loss of Jim. It’s so hard when we lose our branches of strength. My love to you Janet ❤️ sincere condolences! ❤️


  4. Laura DeHaven

    So sorry Pastor Dee for the loss of your friend. Did smile about the “Studebaker” story. In the 1960s our family vehicle was an old Studebaker. Dad had trouble getting parts for it, and I remember him using a toilet paper roll as a filter.



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