Awhile back a young lady asked me what Baptists believed. I said to her, “are you asking me what Jefferson Baptist Church believes?” She said, “Yes.” I responded, “we believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. “ With a wrinkled up forehead, she said, “what does that mean?” I chuckled and said, ”yeh, I guess that is a bit theological sounding.” I continued and said, “we believe that God wrote the Bible through men, that He put His words in their minds, and they wrote in their own style the truth of God. Over the three thousand plus years since Moses wrote the book of Genesis many copies have been made by hand and that as a result there are many variants from that first writing. But take those variants in the many fragments of parchments found over the years, either randomly or the worst possible choice, and the message of the Bible is consistent. We believe that the message of the Bible is true, the Word of God, and it is our sole authority for living life. We believe that the Bible tells us what is right and what is wrong. We believe the Bible tells us about God, how to know Him, and how to live forever with God after we die.

She then asked me what our church believed about abortion. I said to her, “Let me ask you a question before I answer that, do you believe in Jesus?” she responded emphatically, “Yes!” I said, “What do you believe about Jesus?” “I believe that He is God’s son, and that He died for our sins on the cross.” I asked her, “Do you believe that He left heaven and become human like you and me?” Again she responded with a very emphatic “Yes.” I asked, “When did He leave heaven?” That question puzzled her so I asked, “Do you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus?” When she responded positively I asked her what that meant to her, and she, without hesitation, said, “It means that Mary didn’t have sex with anyone but that the Holy Spirit made her pregnant with Jesus.” I complimented her on her good understanding of the Bible and the good teaching she had obviously had at some point in her life on the Bible. Then I asked her again the question, “when did Jesus leave heaven and become human?” After thinking for a few minutes she said, “I guess when Mary became pregnant with Jesus.” “So, when did you become a human, at the point of conception or when you were born?”

Before she could respond to that question I asked her, “Do you think it would be OK for me to shoot my wife because she is my wife using the argument that it is my choice?” She responded, “NO! She has her own rights even though she is married to you!” So, if I shot Patty it would be murder, right?” I went on and said, “Do you not think that an unborn baby has the right to life, and that if someone decided to end their life that it wouldn’t be murder?”

At that point she evidently decided that she didn’t want to talk anymore, and politely excused herself. If she had stuck around I would have said to her, “The question for you to ask isn’t what I believe, but what you believe is true according to God’s Word, arriving at that conclusion not based on convenience for yourself or others but based on the fact that every person is going to stand before God and give an account to Him for their life and their choices.

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