Be Nice

A number of year’s ago I got asked to preach in another church on a Wednesday night on prayer because they wanted to develop a prayer ministry in their church. I drove three hours to the church and got there an hour early. The service was scheduled to go 90 minutes and it began right on time at 7:00 pm. The Pastor began with some announcements that lasted fifteen minutes, and then the worship leader took over and led worship for a little over one hour. Then the pastor got up and introduced me with some stories that lasted for ten minutes. So I got up and prayed and sat down, so the worship leader got up and led a closing song and apologized for taking all of my time, but said he was following the Holy Spirit’s leading.

As I was getting ready to leave the Pastor came up to me and said they wanted to have me back again to speak. I said that I would if I could be first in the service and I could follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and give the worship leader what was left of the time. It was an arrogant and rude statement that I repented of on the ride home. Two weeks later I got an envelope from the church with a thank you note, a check for $150 for mileage and $500 for the honorarium. I thought, wow, I shouldn’t have been so rude. I wonder when they want me to come back. I never heard from them again.

3 thoughts on “Be Nice

  1. pastorsasha nyanchoka

    Pastor Dee, Greetings to you. we invite you to bring the word of God here in Kenya. We do mention your name in every prayer. we love you and the good work you are doing. Pastor Dee, we believe through you and your long time experience it will help us to grow in the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ. we pray that God to give you good health and long life so that you can reach far,touch more and win more souls to God. Kindly, pray for us and welcome.your harvest is on it,s way!

    Greet your family and the church you shepherd. be  blessed. Thank you, Pastor Sasha  Nyanchoka



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