In my years of pastoring I have seen all kinds of people with all kinds of different backgrounds, experiences, potential, education levels, giftedness, intelligence, looks, and family. Of those many different kinds of people there is only one characteristic that separates them all into one of two groups, which are either successful or a failure. You might think there would be multiple factors that would determine the outcome of a person’s life, but I have seen just one.

That one determining characteristic of successful people is the willingness, the determination to make right choices most of the time. The right choice in most situations is not a mystery, it isn’t hard to know what it is, but the alternate choice is usually easier, more enjoyable, requiring less work, less sacrifice. Jesus tells a parable and calls the choices, the broad way and the narrow way.

Successful people decide to study hard. They decide to work hard. They decide to be the first person to get to work. They decide they are going to take on the hard jobs. Take on the challenges. They decide they are going to lead when no one else will. They choose who they are going to hang around and they choose who they will emulate. They choose to read the Bible everyday. They choose to follow Jesus.

Jesus said, “choose to enter through the narrow gate, the hard way, but most don’t, most enter through the broad and easy way, and they accomplish little and don’t amount to much.

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