Adjusting to Losing

How would I respond if I were a Cincinnati Bengal player losing the Super Bowl? That would be a tough one. But most of us have had some kind of failure or disappointment that to us at the time was just as big of a deal. Mentally dealing with those kinds of situations in life in a positive way is a characteristic of strong people. Strong people have some basic self-talk lines and prayers down that are almost automatic in a tough situation.

I trust You Lord, and I know You are causing all things to work together for good in my life. Please help me in my unbelief and lack of trust.

I ask You for Your strength to manage this trial, failure, or disappointment. I will ask again and again until You give me Your strength.

I ask You for Your wisdom to know what to do, how to respond, what I should change or fix. I ask for wisdom to know what to say to others that would bless them and glorify You.

Lord, I confess to You that I am full of anxiety right now, would You please replace it with Your peace. You promised me that You would, I claim that promise now.

Lord, I want to rejoice as You have commanded me to do, but I am having a tough time doing that. Would You please fill me with Your joy despite my circumstances.

It usually takes numerous rounds of repeating these basic prayers, but are thinking will change and God will work as we do.

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