Pride and Humility

I have been preaching about pride and humility at our Wednesday evening service, and I will once again this coming Wednesday. This past week I talked about walking humbly with our God and how we do that. This Wednesday I will talk about a very common pride issue that very few even recognize that they have a problem with. It is being a non-learner because we think we already know everything. It is one of those things that if asked if we know everything we would quickly admit that we do not, but that doesn’t change the fact that most rarely ask for advice or counsel about anything, and if someone attempts to teach or correct us there is a resistance, and a “I know it already attitude.”

Being a life-long learner is a great goal. We can do that by regularly reading good books, listening to podcasts, and taking classes on various subjects and topics. Asking for advice from another person is a great way to learn and grow because God loves humility so much that He will prompt the person we asked advice or counsel from with just the right information. God can do that, and He does do that for the humble man or woman who is quick to learn from other people around them.

To overcome the built-in resistance that we all have to being taught by a peer make a goal to at least once a week to ask advice from someone. In the evening while you are sitting in your chair watching tv write down the person, the question and the place and time, and then do it. Great growth will come of it

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