Mighty Work of God

During our “Five Days of Prayer” for our missions ministry at Jefferson Baptist Church we are hearing reports several times each day via Zoom and in person of what is happening around the world through the ministries of various missionaries that we are supporting. Their reports sharing how God is working have been amazing and incredibly inspiring. I have thought often this week, “Wow,” it is funny how so much really cool stuff is happening and I had no clue. I have been reminded over and over again this week of the power of prayer, and what amazing things God will do if we pray. So many people choose not to participate much or at all in our prayer times because of being busy, many are simply indifferent and apathetic to the spiritual needs of the world, there are those who are intimidated by corporate prayer and are unwilling to face and overcome those fears, there are a large number who simply don’t believe it makes any difference, their faith is very small, and they don’t know how to grow it, and then there are those whose pride says, “I don’t need to pray in unity with the church, I can pray on my own.”

I have been tremendously blessed so far by the stories and reports, and recognize that I am a part of those stories because I am faithfully, and sacrificially praying in agreement with my church family for these people and ministries, and God is obviously working and blessing.

1 thought on “Mighty Work of God

  1. Shirley Cook

    Thank you for your words. It is so important to gather together as a body to pray for those in the field spreading God’s Love and provision. Just praying together brings such unity and power to each one.



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