What a Great Week it is Going to Be

Tomorrow morning I will get up at 4:30 am and go into the church to pray for five hours. Then I will go back home and sleep for 2 hours and then I will get up and work on my Wednesday night service sermon. Then at 5:00 pm I will head back into the church and pray until 9:00 pm. During the nine hours that I am sitting in the prayer room I will listen to each person as they pray, agreeing in my head with them and praying along with them. I will also listen to my own thoughts that are randomly popping into my head about a variety of different things. If I have a thought and then I hear someone pray something close to what I just thought, I will assume that the thought was from the Lord and will then pray it out loud. I then listen attentively to the prayers that follow. Often when I do that there will be a long line of different people who will pray about that same thing. When the Holy Spirit who is in the room prompts someone to pray something it will usually be a number of people who are prompted to pray the same thing. In reality it is probably everyone in the room but many are mentally asleep, not listening to their own thoughts and they miss out. Some are so determined not to pray out loud that they get no promptings from God on what to pray. This scenario that I just described doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does it is very exhilarating for me spiritually. It affirms for me that God is in the room in a special way prompting and leading our prayer times.

For five days I will have a similar schedule of praying and then on Sunday I get to watch the Super Bowl cheering on my favorite team, eating like a pig, having great fellowship with a bunch of other guys. Let me know if you want to watch it with us. Can you imagine a better week than that!

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