COVID hangover

Last week I coughed a lot, had a non-stop headache, my muscles ached, and my chest hurt as I battled the COVID virus. Today I feel physically fine and healthy, but flat, depressed, and wrung out. When I feel this way, I also feel unmotivated to do much of anything. When this happens in me occasionally I turn it into a contest, a battle between my feelings and my will. I like to win and I don’t like the idea of losing to my wimpy, selfish flesh., although I do pretty often.

There are certain activities that I have discovered over the years that are very therapeutic for me at times like this. The problem is that I am not very motivated to do them when I am in this state of mind, so I have to just do them. One of them is to read, meditate on, memorize, and pray a large volume of the Psalms. There are 150 chapters in Psalms, and today I am going to read 100 chapters reflectively, prayerfully, along with some writing on observed insights. The chapters in Psalms are generally short, except for chapter 119, so the exercise usually takes about an hour, but it is very effective in jazzing up my passion and fire.

It seems like a lot, but it isn’t, and It seems to go rather quickly for me. Try it yourself and see what happens, and if the volume I suggested looks too much, make a 15-minute goal, or 30 minute

1 thought on “COVID hangover

  1. Kathi Carley

    We call it the Covid fog! The audio bible was very helpful when I didn’t have enough strength to hold my bible let alone read it! Hang in there Dee. You are almost through this! Praying for healing and strength❤️🙏🏼



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